5 Holi Recipes You Need to Try this year

Best Holi Recipes for 2019:- Holi Always one of the most precious festivals in India, As Hindu festival usually celebrated for joy and happiness so it is quite clear yet Holi is also a festival of colors. We have told you many things in the past regarding its Significance and Various other details. On Holi Weekend People Love to try Handmade dishes including sweets, Pakodas, and Many Traditional Indian foods. Being a Hindu my mother used to cook delicious food every year on Holi. Today I would like to unveil some facts about this festival which going to shock you. Holi is not just a festival of love but in other words, you can say this a festival of color. i am here to Give you some ideas which you can follow and it will surely make your day special. There are many Festival come in a year but out of which few of them are best.

Best Recipes For Happy Holi 2019

  1. Besan Laddu:-
Best Holi Recipes 2019
Happy Holi Recipes 2019

It is most commonly used recipes which usually made in the festival season. As many guests came to our home during holiday weekends so you can gift them these recipes and I am sure that Your Friends and colleagues surely gonna love it. You can also read the full process of how to make delicious laddu at home.


  • 2. Gulab Jamun:- 

Gulab Jamun Holi recipes 2019

No matter it is Diwali or Holi but Gulab Jamun always one of the most delicious Foods in the world. I am eating Gulab Jamun from the past Six years and found that nothing in much better than Gulab Jamun. These Mouthwatering Dishes always make our day special. It is not that much Difficult to Make Gulab Jamun only thing you need to do is follow the full process.


  • 3. Jalebi:-

Jalebi Recipe For Holi 2019

In all Indian festival, Sweet recipes are the major things which we often like to eat. If you are also a fan of Jalebi then I recommend you to have a jalebi this year so that you can enjoy these special recipes only if you know how to make it properly. Jalebi is always one of the best food in the world.

  • 4. Aloo Tikki:-
Best Holi Recipe 2019
Holi Recipe 2019

If you like to eat something spicy or Salty then I recommend you Aloo Tikki as this is one of the most amazing Indian Steet food. In every city you can see people eating aloo Tikki, You can also order this from Shop but in festival days i recommend you to made itself because cooking food put a sweetness on the face of everyone.

  • 5. Kadai Paneer:-
Holi Recipe Kadai Paneer
Best Recipe Kadai Paneer

We notice that many people love to invite their friends on Holi festival days to make their day feel special. If you guys are also want to do the same then i recommend you Kadai Paneer as this is one of the most amazing dish these days. You can Invite your friends to have it and i am quite sure that they Gonna love it.

So these are the list of Holi recipes, For more information about Happy Holi 2019 you can follow the homepage of our site.

Happy Holi 2019 Date, Festival Tradition, History of Holi

Happy Holi Images, HD Wallpaper 2019 Festival:- Hello, Everyone, Only a Few Days Are left for the Festival of colors also called as Holi. In India, Nothing is much important than celebrating Holi with your friends. Today we Joined You to tell some Basic information about this festival. Holi is actually a festival of colors which is being celebrated In Indian from thousands of years. The story of Holi actually correlate to Hindu Scripture, these days Public celebrate Holi to make their mind fresh but most of you don’t aware with the History of this amazing festival. This festival also Indicates Love between Radha and Lord Krishna.

This festival Usually come in the month of March every year. This year in 2019 Holi will be celebrated in the month of March 2019. If you are also want to Know some of the Information about this Festival then you should check below given Links.

Happy Holi 2019 Date & Timing

As we said that This year in 2019 Holi will be celebrated on 20 March 2019. People use to celebrate this festival with their family and friends. Holi initially celebrated in North India but these days people of all age celebrate this festival. Before Holi people also celebrate Holi Dahan and after and on the next day people start celebrating Colorful holi with their friends and family member. In many parts of India Holi is declared as a Public Holiday, However in some Private sector Holi Day count as Normal Working day.

Best Way to celebrate Holi 2019

Many People often Ask me What is the best way to celebrate Holi, Well to make this day much special you need a relax Mind, Some people get angry when someone though Color on them. You need to relax if you really want to make Holi memorable.

Last year our family Joined UP and Celebrate New year in a Great style. I still can’t forget those special days, You can also Plan your weekend trip on Holi so that your family feel Happy.

If your budget is small then you should Make some Sweet dishes at home and go to outdoor to enjoy This festival. All these days will surely make your Day much special than ever. I am too excited to celebrate Holi 2019 and I hope you guys are also want to do the same. So these are the report which we collect about Holi 2019 festival ideas.

Some Paid News Media will Spread Message that doesn’t Use extra water this Holi which is Just a propaganda to stop Hindu Festival. You can do some precious but at least you should have some rights to Celebrate your festival according to your rituals. I Wish each and every one of you a Very Happy Holi 2019 May this Day bring a lot of Colorful Moments in your life over and over again. Stay Healthy and